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Lafayette County Cancer Coalition
PO Box 88
Higginsville, MO 64037

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Attend a meeting to learn how to assist cancer residents or contact a volunteer.


LCCC Services

General Assistance Form
Transportation Reimbursement Form
Wig/Hat/Turban Form
Supplemental Assistance

Who is Eligible for our Services?
Our services are available for ALL resident of Lafayette County.  By filling out the Assistance and Reimbursement forms, the patient's physician states their need or you provide the requested information.

Specific Services
Many of our services provided for example transportation, food supplements, wigs, and other prosthetic appliances require some method of control. Therefore, we will rely on the patient's physician to state the patient's needs.

We will assist with the cost of transportation to hospitals or treatment centers for patients to receive chemotherapy or radiation therapy after they have been diagnosed. Also, transportation assistance to cancer related doctor appointments, etc. Submit one transportation form for each series of treatment and/or each doctor's appointment

Any cancere patient needing a wig, hat or turban should fill out the form to receive assistance in purchasing a wig, hat or turban of their choice.   If you have purchased one, please fill out the form and attach your receipt for consideration.  

Additional Services
We try to keep a supply of food supplements for eligible patients when they present a requirement from their physician.

For additional devices, the LCCC will rely upon the patient's physician to provide the necessary information for the needs of certain items or purchase of such items. Other items may be purchased if the patient's physician indicates the need and our funds will allow it.

To receive assistance for mammograms, prostrate exams, or other cancer related exams and services, we ask that you fill out the general assistance form.  Other services  mentioned on the form can be for cancer related exams or services which should be specifically explained with a doctor's request and/or statement attached.  These services will be considered and reviewed by Lafayette Cancer Coalition.